Sunday, September 20, 2009

Look at me everybody!

Macey discovered how to jump in the bouncer this week. It is hilarious. She jumps so much that she wears herself out. She jumps herself to sleep. Here are a few videos of her in action. She is growing up way to fast. She will be five months old next week. I know I have not posted lately, so there will be alot more to come. I am way behind once again.

Macey in ACTION

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bryce Canyon

We went to Bryce Canyon with Steves family for a couple of days in July and had fun. Our kids love to camp and be outdoors. We saw lots of deer and even some pronghorn deer. The kids caught some lizards and Ryan wanted to bring one home,(but that didn't happen.) We hiked the rim trail along the top of the canyon on Friday. Saturday we did a REAL hike. With ten adults and thirteen children we hiked Navajo trail and Queens Garden. We saw the natural bridges on this hike. (there are pictures in the slide show) It was a great hike on the way down, but we had a great deal of elevation to climb to get back out. We all made it out alive though. I carried Macey and the backpack with all our drinks and food. But on the way up the steep trail I was dragging Ryan and Makenzie as well. They kept grabbing on to the backpack. Everyone was tired after that hike. We also hiked Mossy cave, which was a really pretty short hike. We all wish we would have wore our bathing suits for this hike. We didn't know that there was going to be a beautiful swimming hole with a waterfall. As you can see from the pictures though, it didn't stop us from getting in. We let the kids get wet in there undies or clothes. After our mossycave excursion we all loaded up in two cars, so we didn't have to take the motor home and drove out to see the rest of Bryce Canyon. Steve and Ed rode in the back of Matts avalanche with five kids. Scary I know, but that is legal in the state of Utah. We saw prong horned deer and a bunch of mule deer on our drive. It was a fun trip full of memories.

The mossycave trail with nice cool water running by.

This picture is on the Navajo trail.

We hiked all the way down there. And then all the way back up.

Katie took a picture of us driving through the tunnel on the way out of the park.

Summer Vacation in California part II

Having Fun at the Beach

Surfs up dude!
Katie and I decided to take the kids down to California in July for a whole week. We planned something everyday and had a blast. We left St. George Tuesday late afternoon, and arrived in California around midnight. This is how our busy week was scheduled. Wed-Beach and concert in the park-Thursday-Barnum and Bailey circus at the Honda center-Friday-the Aquarium of the Pacific and a boat ride-Saturday-Group pictures and pioneer dinner-Sunday-church
with Grandpa-Monday- movies to see Ice Age II and school shopping-Tuesday-Another beach trip of course and sadly Wed.-drive home to Utah. We got home Wednesday evening and had a day to pack the motor home for the next trip- Bryce Canyon with the Woolleys. The kids were tired because we were constantly doing something. Monday we were suppose to go to the museum in Orange, but they were tired and choose the movies instead. We had so much fun.

Rissy girl enjoying the beach.

This picture makes me laugh. I looked out at Ryan and his board shorts were falling off. The Velcro wasn't sticking. I had to take a picture. I asked him he felt a draft, but he just looked at me and said,"What are you talking about Mom?"
On Monday we went to Corona Del Mar and the water was cold. So on Tuesday we went to Huntington beach. The water was warm and the kids stayed in the ocean the entire time we were there. They were little fish in the sea. They weren't even afraid to go way out to where the waves were breaking. As long as Marissa had sissy's hand she was going to.

Group Picture For Grammy-All the Grand kids

WOW!!! That's all I have to say about this picture. Try taking nine kids to get there picture taken. After two hours at Jcpennys, we finally took and picked which picture was the best. Mom, Katie and I all went and we didn't think we were going to get a picture, but luckily there was this very patient photographer who was able to calm the crying children. They may not all be smiling, but no one is crying. That's all that matters.

Circus Time-Time to clown around !!

Getting ready to leave to the circus.
If you ask the kids what there favorite thing was from the circus, they will say the tigers and the elephants. Ryan loved the man jumping trough the ring of fire. I kept telling Ryan throughout the entire show, DON'T YOU DARE TRY THIS AT HOME. I think he got the point after the twentieth time I said it. He finally said, "o.k. Mom."
Watching the clown show before the circus started.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer vacation in California part I

The Aquarium of the Pacific
All the cousins sitting on the shark that sprayed water.They were able to cool off in the water.I think we brought the St.George heat with us. It was hot and humid.
Everyone was afraid to touch the sharks. Ryan loves sharks I thought for sure he would touch them. He is so fascinated by them. They would put their hands in the water and when a shark would get close they would pull it out real fast.
Too Cute!!

There's Ella making a silly face for the camera with the sea otters behind her.
Some nice lady gave us her nectar(we weren't about to pay three dollars for the little cup) so I held it out and the bird landed on me and drank the nectar really fast. It was pretty cool to watch. But it was hard to get the bird off my arm when it was done drinking. A little freaky. Madison tried it,but got scared when the bird landed on her.
One of the many sea creatures at the Aquarium.
Almost everybody in this picture. Macey is in a different stroller.
Boy Ella sure is photogenic lately. Too stinkin cute.
The girls outside the Aquarium eating lunch.
After we were done at the Aquarium of the Pacific we decided to take a boat ride. We were
done at the Aquarium around four o'clock and decided there was no point sitting in Friday traffic, so we rode a boat around LongBeach. The kids thought it was pretty fun. We saw seals, the Queen Mary, and went past a cruise ship, and at that moment I decided we were going to take a cruise this March during spring break. Yup I already have it planned out. Mom is going to take a week off of work to watch nine of her grand kids and we are all going to go and celebrate our ten year anniversary on the Mariner of the seas(Royal Caribbean). Matt Katie and us are both celebrating our ten year this year. Finally a vacation. Something to look forward to. Hopefully Heidi and Ned are able to come as well. The more the merrier. So if anyone wants to come book it now.
On the top deck enjoying the cool ocean breeze.
The two girls laughing and having a good time.
The two boys a little to close to the edge of the boat.
After the boat ride it was dinner time, so we walked to Chilis and had dinner.
We got a lot of dirty looks from people, because of the number of kids.
I asked to sit out side, because of all the kids and shortly after people had the same idea. We tried to avoid traffic, but still hit some on the way home even though it was eight o'clock at night. Boy I do not miss the California traffic.

Having fun with Grammy and Grandpa
Everybody having fun at the concert in the park. It was country night, and the kids had fun dancing.
Grandpa and Ryan having fun.Grandpa laughing after Uncle Ned told Ryan to stick some ice down the back of his shirt.
Macey all bundled up at the concert. When the sun started to go down there was a cool breeze. Thats what I miss about Chino Hills. It cools off at night. Unlike St.George which only drops down to the high 80's at night.
Grammy and Macey.
Grandpa getting his come over from all his grand kids. Love the face Grandpa.
Ryan and Tyler love spending time with their Grandpa. He is always teaching them some new cool thing. Here he is giving them an archery lesson.
Ryan aiming for his target.

Marissa 3rd Birthday

We had Marissas birthday at the park this year. Here she is with all her cousins. I can not believe that our little girl is already 3 years old. Where does time go? She acts so much older that she is. She is always looking up to her older sister,and copying everything she does. When she got to spend a week in California after I had Macey, the first thing she did when she walked through the door was run to her Sissy and give her a giant hug. She is the one that always has us laughing in our house. Whether it be something she says or does, she is quit hilarious.
I made her princess cupcakes on her birthday. Finally I made one of my kids a birthday cake and cupcakes. My kids always see me decorating cakes for other people, but I get lazy when it's their birthdays. How sad. Especially since I can cake decorate and have all the utensils to do so. I even taught a cake decorating class at my house back in April, so it would have been really pathetic of me not to make her a cake.

SUGAR! Marissa is worse than I am. I think I ate a little to much sugar when she was in the womb. That girl is always sneaking into the cookies or candy. So cupcakes is one of her favorites.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sissa Rissa!

Macey not liking the St.George Heat that has arrived.

What in the world are you doing Ryan?
Marissa even got to have a little Birthday in California.With her favorite cousin Ella Bella.

She got a big girl bike for her birthday like her older siblings, but
has not figured out how to peddle on it yet.

Diving into the GIANT cupcake. I'm telling you we have to limit this girl on her sugar in take, otherwise she might become a diabetic. Who am I to talk?